Q. Does Grub Control also Control Moles?

A. The fact is grub control does not control moles. It's neither a mole repellant nor a pesticide that targets mammals. It does, however, control the grub population in your yard and grubs are one of the things moles eat. Moles also eat earthworms (which is actually their preferred food source) and subsurface insects.

Q. I have moles in my lawn. Does this mean I have grubs?

A. The presence of moles does not necessarily mean there are grubs in the turf grass. The moles main food source is earthworms. The grubs are active only at certain times of the year and the moles will feed on them if they are an available food source.

Q. What insects do you control with your perimeter treatments?

A. We target crawling insects that enter your home, such as spiders, ants, millipedes, etc. We do not control termites or flying pests

Q. How long do my kids and pets need to stay off the lawn?

A. At least 2-3 hours after a liquid application has been applied (whether it be weed control, round-up, insect control, fungicide or anything in between). You want the product to dry completely before you play in the grass. We also offer prenotification options! Call to find out what we can do for you.

Q. Can you tell me when you will be coming?

A. Yes! We can do a call ahead or an email. Let us know what works for you.

Q. When can I mow my lawn?

A. If you plan on bagging the grass clippings, we ask that you wait 2-3 days. If you do not plan on bagging your clippings, you may mow the next day since the fertilizer will be discharged back into the lawn.

Q. Should I water my lawn after a lawn treatment?

A. In most cases when using liquid weed control, crabgrass control or insect control it is not recommended to water immediately afterwards. This will allow the material to be absorbed into the grass plant. When using a granular grub control it is recommended that the material be watered in. Watering within the first few days will enhance the effectiveness of the product.