Insects can cause a lot of damage, overtaking the health and viability of your lawn very quickly. Routine insecticide and bug control protects your lawn against this damage. Repairing insect damage is very costly not to mention the water that will be used for new grass to grow.

Below are three different ways insects can cause turf damage.

Grubs-Preventive measures can be done in summer. Grubs are the Larvae of various types of adult beetles. Grub Larvae eat the roots of grass. We apply a preventive control to your grass called “Merit”. When applied, this prevents eggs from hatching without harming beneficial insects and earthworms. We strongly recommend our customers to receive this product.

Billbugs-this pest appears in late June through early August as spotty, straw colored patches of Kentucky Bluegrass. It will result in extensive browning and death of the turf.

Sod Webworm-this pest appears in July and August. Larvae chew off leaves and stems. As Webworm larvae continue to grow and feed the injured areas enlarge into big brown patches. Usually there are 4-6 per square foot. Each female can lay up to 200 eggs. Eggs hatch in 7-10 days.

Army Worm & Cutworms-these pests feed at night cutting grass blades near the soil surface. Damage appears as small circular dead spots that increase in size to 2” in diameter.

These insects can cause serious damage to turf by chewing and eating grass blades and stems near the surface. Damaged areas appear as brown dead patches in your lawn.

Chinch bugs-this insect is active in mid-July through October. Chinch bug nymphs and adults cause significant feeding damage by removing plant fluids and by injecting a toxin that causes the grass to yellow, turn reddish brown and eventually die. For this reason we highly recommend 2-3 applications of Surface Insecticide to protect the lawn.

Aphids– a single female can produce 1 to 8 offspring per day for 2-3 weeks. Young aphids reach maturity in 6-10 days and begin to reproduce without mating.
12-20 generations can occur each season. Green bugs feed by removing juices from the plant and injecting a toxin thus killing the grass blade.

Contact our office if you have any browned out or significant discolored areas in your lawn or if you would like any more information concerning Insect Control.

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