Irrigation & Water Management

One of the most important elements in achieving and maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn or landscaping is proper watering. An automatic underground sprinkler system helps take the work out of your week end. No more tedious dragging of hoses and sprinklers throughout the lawn. No worrying whether you are over or under watering or forgetting to turn the sprinkler off. Not only does a sprinkler system take the task of water maintenance off your hands, it is programmed to apply the proper amount of water to each area. Water is not wasted by over watering. Your lawn stays healthy, is not stressed and does not brown out during hot, dry periods. An Ameri-Care professional irrigation technician can provide you with a free consultation and estimate for the design and installation of a sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Systems

The success of your landscape depends on proper watering. An irrigation system not only ensures proper watering for new landscapes, but also helps maintain established landscapes to their fullest. At Ameri-Care, we design, install, service and maintain irrigation systems to meet the needs of your landscape. Every irrigation system is designed specifically to the uniqueness of your property to maximize efficiency and minimize cost. You can be confident that your irrigation system will be installed by trained professionals using only the highest quality material, but great service doesn't stop there. Ameri-Care provides a comprehensive program which includes installation, start-up, winterization, routine visits and maintenance. Routine site visits ensure that your irrigation system is utilizing the correct amount of water to meet your landscape's needs throughout the seasons.