Lawn fertilization program consists of 6 visits to your property to apply Slow Release Fertilizer, Weed and Insect controls. While we are on your property we will diagnose any insect or disease activity that may affect your lawn.


First Application

(Early Spring)

This application will eliminate any current weeds in your lawn. This is the first of two Crabgrass Controls that your lawn will receive. Rain showers are so intense anymore that we have to apply it in Rounds 1 & 2. Heavy rains dilute the pre-emergent, thus making it less effective. We also apply our Slow Release Fertilizer and Weed Controls at this time.


Second Application

(Late Spring – Early Summer)

This application will have your 2nd application of Crabgrass Control, Slow Release Fertilization and any nutrients deemed necessary. This application will eliminate any weeds that are present.


Third Application

(Early Summer)

During this period, lawns are entering into insect and disease season. Our technician will inspect your lawn for these problems and leave you a note if there are any concerns. Every time we treat your lawn we will treat any weeds. Slow Release Fertilization and any nutrients are again applied at this time. Our surface insecticides are also applied at this time to target Chinch Bugs, Billbugs and Sod webworms.


Fourth Application


Slow Release Fertilizer is applied at this time. Due to lack of rain, fertilizer is needed at this time more than ever. This is the round in which we apply preventative Grub Control targeting beetle larvae. We use Merit as our Grub Control preventive. This product has a 98% success rate. We also inspect your lawn for surface insects at this time.


Fifth Application

(Early Fall)

This is the time when it is very beneficial to your lawn to consider having your lawn aerated and over-seeded. The importance of aeration and seeding your lawn will be explained in an informational note left for you after this application. Slow Release Fertilizer is again applied at this time, and we will also inspect your lawn for insects.


Sixth Application


This is an application of Slow Release Fertilizer that helps your lawn stay healthier during the winter. We will also inspect your lawn to insure that any areas that you had aerated and over-seeded are growing properly. Any areas that are not growing properly will be attended to at no charge. There will be no Weed Control applied at this time due to the time of the year.

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