Organic Tree & Shrub Care Program

Ameri-Care uses an organic program to care for your trees & shrubs. Overuse of chemical pesticides is a concern to all of us. Chemical pesticide applications are non selective and will target beneficial insects as well as plant damaging insects.
With our integrated pest management (IPM) program we can keep your trees and shrubs healthy and disease and insect free all while keeping the beneficial insects such as honey bees & lady bugs safe.
When you participate in our IPM program, a plant health care specialist will visit your property 6 times throughout the growing season. A thorough inspection will be performed and any diseases or insects detected will be treated as needed.

Included in our IPM program are organic root feedings of the trees and shrubs. Fertilizing is essential to maintain the nutrient level that your plants need in order to thrive and maintain good health, vigor and blossoms. A healthy tree or shrub is less susceptible to insect infestations and more able to tolerate harsh weather conditions.
In addition to our IPM program Ameri- Care also offers the following tree & shrub care services:

Spring & Fall Pruning

Tree & Shrub Planting

Landscape Design & Installation